Face masks

Hi friends,

We’ve had a number of requests for masks, and now that the CDC is recommending that people should wear face masks in public we know this is something you will all be needing soon.

We’ve tried out a number of patterns for the mask, and tested each to see which was the best fit and most comfortable. We tried a few patterns available on the internet, but didn’t like how they fit. Ultimately, I would like to help you to make your own face mask, if you have the supplies/time/materials. Take a look at my findings.

Mask #1

This was the first one I tried out. I found that the ties were difficult to use and it sat too low on my face.

Pretty buy I did not like it

Pretty buy I did not like it

Mask #2

Then I made the one that seems to be everywhere on my feed since I looked up “DIY face masks”. It really bothered my ears and was way too steamy when I put my glasses on.

The pattern for this is everywhere

The pattern for this is everywhere

Mask #3

I actually use a face mask for work while I’m sewing, as the dust bothers me otherwise. It is a simple design, made for construction, so I tried making my own version.


This is the mask I use for work.


Here is my own reusable version.


Here is the pattern I made for this mask, it’s a bit smaller that I’d like but the ruler gives a reference. If you would like us to send you a pdf of the pattern (we can’t upload it here for you to download) email us at info@devonsdrawer.com (pattern for personal use only)

You can see them side by side. Not bad eh?

You can see them side by side. Not bad eh?

Want to make your own version of this mask? See pattern and instructions

Cloth Mask Pattern for Home Use Only (not for medical uses)

 We designed this mask for home use only, after trying several patterns available online.  Check out the CDC for general guidelines https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/diy-cloth-face-coverings.html. Here is another great link for a detailed description of how to make a face mask https://happydiyhome.com/diy-face-mask/

 Use fabric that is breathable. Check by putting next to your mouth and seeing how it is next to your mouth.  You can use old clothes you were planning on giving away, or even an old tee shirt. 

 For this pattern, cut out one center piece, and two side pieces in the cover fabric, cut out the lining pieces as well (see the pattern above). For the lining use a light weight fabric to reduce the steam from your breath (especially for glasses wearers). I found that adding an interfacing allows the mask to stand up better, and creates another layer of protection (but it’s not necessary so don’t worry if you don’t have any). I used an iron on type, fairly light weight, that is easily purchased at a fabric store.  In the USA,  JoAnn Fabrics https://www.joann.com/,  and in Canada, there is Fabricville https://fabricville.com/.  Both companies are doing online sales, so you can get any supplies you need from them if you can’t scrounge something from your home.

 On the pattern you will see that there are tiny triangles on the sides and center top of the center piece.  Sew the small triangles on the wrong side.  This helps with the lift off of your nose and face, and makes the mask more comfortable.

Once you have sewn the side and top triangles together, sew the side pieces to the center piece using a ¼” seam.  Do the same for the lining.  Cut a length of 19 ½”   ¼” elastic and  place on the side of the sewn side piece, rough end facing to the outside.  If you don’t have any elastic on hand then you can make ties.  Cut two 25”x1 ½”  pieces, fold both of the long sides into the middle fold again in half and stitch the length near as you can to the folded edge.  Attach the same way you would as for the elastic.

 Place the two pieces together, the cover piece and the lining piece, and sew around the mask with a ¼” seam, saving about 1 ½” for turning right side out.  When you are done sewing this, turn it right side out and check the elastic length.  If it should be shorter you can adjust this now.  When you are happy with the fit, sew around all of the edges keeping the open edge tucked in.

Our friend Zoe Fox from @thrive_in_life has added some helpful instructions on how to add a slit to your mask for a filter. See below and thank you Zoe!


Take 2 pieces of fabric and sew 3/4 inch seam allowance leaving an opening in the middle. Then press open and sew down. Now cut out one the side pattern pieces. You can out the slit inside or out.


 And voila!  a face mask!  You can decorate or add anything you wish to enhance your mask.

I hope this is helpful to you all. Send us comments to info@devonsdrawer.com

Stay healthy,


PS, just a reminder that if you would like us to send you the pattern as a pdf email us at info@devonsdrawer.com