Design and Manufacturing


Our clothing is inspired by designer Cynthia Bennett’s love of beautiful textiles (ps did we tell you she has a degree in textile design and costume history?). We’ve sourced recycled hemp and organic cotton blends, linen, organic cotton prints from Northern California, beautiful Japanese prints, and quilted fabric that we dye in downtown L.A. using low impact dyes. We use organic fabrics where possible.


All our clothing is made by hand by Cynthia in her Altadena CA workshop. We make our clothing to order, which means that there is very little manufacturing waste (and no pile of unsold clothing at the end of the season). Our clothing is shipped to you directly from Cynthia’s studio.

We make high quality clothing that will last a long time. We provide free repairs for manufacturing flaws, and free patching kits.

Our suppliers

We prefer to work with manufacturers directly or small distributors, based in the USA if possible (however, some materials, such as hemp, are only manufactured in China). We are always looking for unique, natural and preferably organic textiles, searching in concentric circles starting close to home (Altadena CA) and then farther away to meet our design needs.  Finally, we source our buttons and notions in downtown L.A.