Holiday traditions

Twenty five years ago I remember walking along the dirt road, feeling the excitement growing, both my own and my little family’s. We were walking to a neighbor’s home for Christmas Eve carols. It’s something that we’d come to do every year. It was cold so we bundled up in layers of wool and down. We lived on a little island off the coast of British Columbia, and December could be bitter (especially compared to where I grew up in California). As we neared our neighbor’s home I could hear the singing already, warbling down the long and bendy driveway. There was a little bonfire in a barrel that the group huddled around. As we approached we were handed song sheets and welcomed into the circle. After working through the songbook we always ended with the 12 Days of Christmas. Everyone would split into groups based on the month you were born and sing that portion of the song. It always felt like a fitting finale to the singing portion of the night. After this we would all head inside to thaw off with a potluck of treats and warm drinks. Eventually we’d make our way home, full and ready for Christmas Day.

After the kids went to bed, my Christmas Eve would just be starting. It was then that I would finish making the presents I had so confidently planned over the months before. I am a serial maker and always seemed to think I can do more than I was ever able to produce amongst the business of everyday life with 3 kids, 4 horses, 3 cats, 2 geese, 1 dog (and a partridge in a pear tree). And then there was the wrapping… Over the years I got better at knowing what I could realistically complete on time, but the wrapping always got the better of me.  

As my children grew up each in turn succumbed to my entreaties to help wrap their sibling’s presents on Christmas Eve with me. Thus became a new tradition. Wrapping presents the night before, running out of tape and paper, scrounging for scissors and yelling for whoever was knocking to stay away for just a few more minutes.

Last Christmas, I was beaming. I was feeling so proud of myself! On Christmas Eve, I was with my children, their spouses and the grandchildren, I knew they were all thinking that I had to go upstairs to start wrapping. Instead, I announced that everything was already wrapped and for the first time, I could go to bed on Christmas Eve with everyone else. They were shocked and amazed, and I felt pretty pleased myself.

And so, this is all to say, I know how it is; planning, but never quite getting it all together until it is a panic. That’s why this year I wanted to plan our holiday sale so that it could actually help out the fellow late birds like myself. Instead of the usual Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Boxing Week Sales (which wouldn’t arrive in time for holiday gifts with the post office delays this year due to COVID-19) we’re doing an Early Bird Gifter Sale this week. The entire site is 20% off so you can get your gifting (whether for others or yourself) done early, so you too have time to be with family and friends.  

Happy Holidays!