Inspiring women - Katherine from LambLovesFox

One thing that surprised me when we started out this business was the sweet community of women supporting women. I’ve really loved getting to know some new friends, and I’m constantly inspired by their artistry. I started this little inspiring women interview series to capture some of the magic I’d experienced through these friendships.

Long before we collaborated with Katherine, I’d admired her beautiful photos on Instagram (you can check her out at @lamblovesfox, or her website; her photos capture both the whimsy and intense range of emotions of childhood (speaking of intense range of emotions, my four year old is harassing me as I write this, and whistling to show her impatience). Katherine is also really kind, and supports a lot of other small shops. I’ve done a little inspiring women series, I’m so glad that Katherine agreed to answer some of my questions for this series (you can read the other posts in this series here: Freja Troelsen, Ashley Jensen, and Sanne Hop).

Amelie in our  Gentian jacket

Amelie in our Gentian jacket

Can you introduce yourself, for people who may not know you?

Hello! My name is Katherine. I am a photographer and a mummy to three little rascals, Amelie (9), Theo (6) and Jude (2). We live in a quiet, little picturesque valley on the east coast of Australia. 

Did you do any training to become a photographer, or are you self-taught?

I studied Photomedia at the University of New South Wales just before Amelie was born. I didn’t really see photography as my “thing” until I had children and became an obsessive documenter. 

Any suggestions for resources for aspiring photographers? 

Pintrest and Instagram are my biggest sources of inspiration. If you’re just beginning, I’d recommend starting there and seeing what sorts of things resonate with you. Then ask yourself what it is that you like about the photographs you are drawn to. Is it the mood, or the composition? Or perhaps it is the story the photographer is trying to tell? Then think about those things when you go to take a photo. And just have fun experimenting. 

beautiful photo from @lamblovesfox of Amelie in our  Primrose dress

beautiful photo from @lamblovesfox of Amelie in our Primrose dress

What or who inspires you?

 My children, of course. But also nature. The colours, the light, the patterns, the variety… nature is endlessly interesting and inspiring. 

As for other photographers, that list is rather long. But, off the top of my head, some of my favourites on Instagram are:











 How does your house always look so neat in your photographs? I need some help in that department.

 Hahaha. Don’t believe it! It’s all a lie. My house is always a mess. Like, always. But my photography style tends towards minimalism so I just crop out the mess or do a quick clean up before I take photos (and by “clean up” I mean move the mess somewhere else to deal with later). That’s probably why I mostly shoot outdoors! 


I struggle between wanting to show photos of my kids and also wanting to respect their privacy, I think you do a good job of this balance. Any thoughts on this, or suggestions for other parents?

 I’m always aware of how my children feel about being photographed. Amelie is very easy going and is more than happy for me to take her photo. She even gets into it sometimes and throws around creative ideas. Theo on the other hand does not enjoy the process. Occasionally I’ll hear him say, “Mummy! Take a pic-cha of me here” and I’ll quickly seize the opportunity. If you look at my Instagram feed that is the main reason there is a ratio of about 70% Jude (because he is a baby and everything he does is adorable and needs to be photographed), 25% Amelie and 5% Theo. As they get older I’m more conscious of what I choose to share.

I notice that you support a lot of small brands through your photography, which I am always really impressed by. Any favourites you want to shout out (besides us hahaha)?

I’m such a fan of small businesses and all the hard work and love that goes into them. Small businesses have so much heart and soul that you just don’t get with large mass produced labels.  

A few of my favourites (besides yours, of course) are: 












Any upcoming projects you want to talk about?

 Right now I’m focused on just keeping my three kids fed, clothed and clean-ish (at least in public). But I’ve had a lot of interest in my editing style so I’m thinking of maybe selling my own presents sometime in the future. Perhaps when my youngest starts school.

Amelie in our  Azalea sun hat

Amelie in our Azalea sun hat