“One to Watch” interview

Earlier this year we won the Pirouette blog one to watch award, and they recently published a profile on us: 

“Sustainability, organic production and quality with the possibility of longevity are why Devon’s Drawer were our Pirouette One To Watch Award Winners (Fashion AW18) at Playtime NY back in February this year. Flash forward in the childrenswear calendar and they are ready to launch their exquisite heirloom AW18 collection on-line from the 24th of August.

The pieces are made from beautiful organic fabrics, some featuring gorgeous cotton lining (equally organic). Just make sure to look out for the plaid recycled wool bomber! This is a family business Mother and daughters creating children’s garments to be passed to and from siblings and through generations. Let’s find out more from our award winners Devon’s Drawer…”

You can read the whole piece here: http://www.pirouetteblog.com/mood-of-the-day/pirouette-one-to-watch-winners-aw18-interview-devons-drawer/