Vintage wool hat

Hi friends,

I’ve had some requests recently to share our process with you, and thought this would be a nice sample to share. I came across this little woolen cap that was my brother’s from the 1950’s.  It is a classic and I thank my mother daily for saving so many beautiful things. 

 I thought it would be a nice addition to our designs and thought I’d try and see what it looked like in different fabric, and an updated lining.  It looked as though it had an elastic chin-strap at one time, so I also added that.


 Once I measured the triangular pieces, and the brim, I sewed them together.  It’s funny how it looks different with new fabric, but I liked how it looked.  If we do put it into our Fall/Winter 2020 Collection, I will make several different sizes. 



You can see the video of how we made this on instagram.

Hope you are all keeping well.

Love, Cynthia